Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Walking with myself

Even more than an active interested listener, I'd like to have someone to work with on some things I'm trying to do, someone who shares some passionate interests with me. I'll try playing that role myself here. Besides whatever comfort and inspiration I might get from it, it might give me some ideas and some practice in being that kind of friend to other people.

So here are some things I might work on with my imaginary quest companion:

- Nurturing the love of God, in myself and in others, and promoting that idea among candles and thralls of God.
- Practicing and promoting the framework for action that the House of Justice is promoting.
- Practicing and promoting some improvements in the implementation of the Ruhi courses.
- Practicing and promoting working with neighbors to help improve the community life in a neighborhood, using what we're learning from Baha'u'llah.
- Learning to help provide the kind of encouragement and support that really helps, in people's initiatives and in the challenges they're facing.
- Learning Chinese.
- Learning how to find other candles and thralls all over the world, using the Internet, to exchange ideas and experiences with them.
- Learning to adapt the framework for action to the Internet neighborhood.
- Learning to speed up my progress in developing spiritual qualities, and improving my character and conduct.
- Practicing and promoting the freedom from sectarian attitudes and practices that the House of Justice calls for in "One Common Faith."
- Practicing and promoting better responses to Baha'i social issues, including the three vital issues in "The Advent of Divine Justice."
- Help make the Internet more useful to people who are working to help spread peace, justice, beauty and kindness.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Frodo in Oz

I won't even try to explain the title, except later on maybe. You'll see. In the unlikely event that anyone reads this but me, the reason it looks like I'm talking to myself is because I'm talking to myself. I've decided to try to have the kind of conversation with myself that I'd like to have with someone else. Of course I would love even more to actually have that kind of conversation with someone else.

This might be very confused and confusing. I have a feeling there are a lot of things I'd like to talk about, but I'm not really sure. It's just a feeling. I'll start by just listing some topics that come to mind.

- Baha'i feuding on the Internet.
- Candles and thralls.
- Framework for action.
- I'm not trying to be an ally, but I wish I could learn to be a better friend.
- Promoting my House of Justice.
- "One Common Faith."
- The Advent of Divine Justice, especially the three vital issues.
- Walking and working with abused and marginalized people.
- Changing my character and conduct.
- Training institutes: practices and a passion for teaching.
- Learning to be the kind of friend I'd like to have.
- What I might have learned on The Weed's blog.
- Gays and me.
- Baha'i liberators and me.
- Stuff I've already written about on this blog.

Those are some things that come to mind. I have a nagging feeling I'm missing some that I might like to talk about as much as those, even more than some of those. I'll trust that they'll surface as we go along. If we go along. We meaning me and me.