Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Learning to help improve the world, for everyone in the world

Here are some ways I'm trying to learn to help improve the world, for everyone in the world, near and far:
1. Learning to think and act in ways that help brighten up the day for everyone around me, in everything I do, everywhere all the time.
2. Learning to be a better friend to each person in my life.
3. Learning to communicate more, and better, with each person in my life, about what really matters to me and to them.
4. Learning to help develop, practice and promote some kinds of community building, in neighborhoods and villages around the world, that I see as promising ways of helping to build a better world; and of helping to reduce and counteract the ravaging of military and economic warfare, and other natural disasters; at the same time.
5. Practicing and promoting friendship and fellowship across the widest ideological divides.
6. Spending time in side-by-side friendships with some of the people around me that I see being stigmatized, marginalized and ravaged the most.
7. Learning to improve my personality, character, health, capacities and conduct, in ways that serve those purposes, and to encourage and support others in their efforts to improve themselves.
8. Learning not to be confused, distracted, diverted and poisoned by alarm and anger, mine or anyone else's; or by discussions about social issues, and about outrageous things happening in the world.