Monday, June 17, 2013

Networking about service-learning initiatives

I've been wondering how to search for people of all faiths all over the world to correspond with, to share our ideas and experiences in learning to help improve the world. An idea just came to me to search on the Web for service-learning initiatives. With Baha'is that would include the framework for action that's being promoted by the House of Justice.


Jim Habegger said...

Other steps:
1. Ask bloggers to help find people to correspond with to exchange ideas and experiences in tutoring study circles.
2. Ask bloggers for help in collecting examples of how online interpersonal encounters have helped attract people to Baha'u'llah or the Baha'i Faith.

Jim Habegger said...

3. Ask bloggers to help me find people to study and practice with on line:
- with the resources on the Web pages of the Baha'i Internet Agency.
- in online teaching.
- in practicing and promoting better conduct on the Internet, including never depreciating anyone, and freedom from ill will.
- in fellowship across religious and other ideological divides.