Thursday, December 11, 2014

Making time

Some time ago I suspended my Internet projects indefinitely. Now I'm thinking I might go back online in February or March, if I can learn habits I want to learn before then, including:
- making time in my life now, for some things that I'm hoping will some day happen in my life.
- spending more time with some friends and family members, learning to be a better friend.
- getting some things done from my list of Things to Do.

Mostly what I want to make time for, sometimes at home and sometimes outside, is to spend with some friends that I'm hoping to have some day. Those will be friends who will be following Baha'u'llah, and studying and practicing with some of their friends, learning to work with neighbors to help improve the community life for everyone in a neighborhood, using what we're learning from Baha'u'llah. Those friends of mine and I will spend time together in fellowship, in my home and elsewhere, and exchanging ideas and experiences in helping to spread the knowledge and love of God.

I'm learning to make time for that in my life now, without waiting until it starts happening. I'm using that time now to practice things I might do with those friends in the future.

I might go back online in February or March, if I'm satisfied with my progress in learning those habits. For now what I have in mind to do, if and when I go back online, is to spend time with people following ideologies opposed to mine, learning to encourage and support them, in their best efforts that I can see, to help spread the knowledge and love of God.

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