Friday, March 22, 2013

More action needed

I'd like to see more action from stigmatized and marginalized Baha'is, to address the problems. I have some ideas, and I'm trying to come up with more, but even if I do, who will listen? Maybe I need to try harder to find people who are doing something. Yes, yes, that's it.

Meanwhile, here are some half-baked ideas:

1. We need more non-members to participate in core activities.

2. We need more people with unpopular views to become tutors.

3. We need more people to pursue more individual initiatives of their own, outside of the bandwagons, and Baha'is on the bandwagons need to see them. Right now the only initiative I can remember hearing about has been something to do with the Dawning Place.

4. We need more each-one-teach one initiatives, to acclimate more Baha'is to unpopular views.

5. Baha'is are more friendly and open to people who have never been members, no matter how much they disagree with the House of Justice. We need to find ways to put that to good use. Ah, ah, no no! Honest ways!

6. Stigmatized and marginalized Baha'is need better moral support, and training, to find safe and healthy ways to pursuing their own initiatives outside of the bandwagons, and promote their ideas to Baha'is on the bandwagons.

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