Saturday, March 23, 2013

Vision, goals, strategies, lines of action

I really need to get off of here and back to my neglected responsibilities elsewhere, but it's so hard to give up pursuing these new ideas, and maybe leave them to wither away like so many others. I'll try to put some helpful clues here, in case I do come back.

Vision: Helping to release the potential in the diversity of Baha'is.

Some goals:
- People learning to love and trust Baha'u'llah more.
- People learning to better understand and wholeheartedly serve the interests of the House of Justice.
- More and better independent investigation.
- More and better individual initiative and responsibility.
- More open, frank and unfettered discussions among Baha'is, about whatever anyone wants to discuss.
- More and better cross-fertilization.

Strategies and lines of action:
- Previous posts, and notes, here and elsewhere, and further observation and reflection.
- Search for more potential collaborators.
- Learn to be a better friend.
- Learn to be a better friend.
- Learn to be a better friend.
- Practice what I'm trying to promote, in roleplay and preferably in real situations.

click, click, whirr, CLICK!
Training courses on the Internet for butterflies and helpmates. Yes.

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Jim Habegger said...

Lines of action
- Collect examples of individual initiatives from a wide variety of ideological perspectives, communities and fellowships.
- Try to learn to be a better friend to someone who is practicing accompaniment and/or cross-pollination across ideological lines.

- Cheer and refresh the down-cast.
- Release repressed potentials.
- Cross-pollinate across ideological lines.