Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What's happening in my life

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endolith, via flickr
For my imaginary collaborators

Here's another bullet list of topics related to what's happening in my life. I'm planning to elaborate on some of them in later posts. I might also elaborate on some previous bullet lists. Or not.

* On line and off line
- Nurturing the spirit of faith and the love of God
- Meekness and kindness
- Pure channel

* Off line
- Origami and diabolo
- English corner: activities with children
- English corner: elevated conversations with students, including more loving neighborhoods and a more loving economy
- New friends: email, invitations for tea, walks
- Tutoring accompaniment
- "Who We Are"
- How to explain what I want to do
- Growth cycles

I want to learn to be a good friend to Chinese people who are helping to spread the best kinds of wisdom and love.

* On line
- Learning to be a better friend to some people in my life, one by one
- Encouraging and supporting individual and group initiatives
- Framework on line
- Research opening and attracting hearts
- Exchanging ideas and experiences in improving quality of training
- Fellowship across divides
- Online training starting with BIA documents
- Atheists, atheism and God-centered living

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