Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Climbing a Mountain

photo credit: Jim Habegger
via Blogger
I was pondering all the things I'm trying to do, that I'm hoping to do, and that I need to do, and feeling a little overwhelmed. Then I grouped them into these categories:
  • Daily living.
  • Working with Patty on her English teaching.
  • Top priorities in learning to know and love God.
  • Other.

I don't feel any pressing need for now to try to improve on the daily living, working with Patty, or my pursuit of the interests in the "Other" category. For the top priorities, I've decided to try giving myself one task to try to complete, each week.


Jim Habegger said...

My task I've chosen for this week is to talk to a friend about helping each other learn from Book 6, even when we aren't meeting for study circles. Today I was reviewing the purposes and possibilities of the book.

Jim Habegger said...

Instead of talking to that friend, I decided to start working on the practices first, myself. I found the sections on designing and implementing a personal teaching plan, and my task for the next week will be to practice that. I might talk to my friend about it the following week.