Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Jim's Baha'i studies project

Helping to transmit encouragement, support and learning through walls of prejudice and over gulfs of estrangement, between people who are interested in the writings of Baha'u'llah

Special interest:
People involved in Baha'i Internet feuds

Some other people to include:
Artists, people involved in Baha'i studies associations, bloggers, people involved in Baha'i community development programs, people involved in other community service and development projects, people around me whose ideas I've neglected

Current line of action:
Talking to people and reading people's writings, looking for ideas about how to improve Baha'i training programs

Yesterday I talked to one of my friends whose ideas I've neglected in the past. I asked him if he had any ideas about how to improve Baha'i training programs. Here are my notes:

- It would be better to start with people who are interested and committed.
- More activities for practical and occupational training, like in computers and other technology. The training would include writings from Baha'u'llah, in the context of the practical and occupational training.
- Build activities around the most popular educational tools, especially the Internet.
- Include training about the difference between prejudice and preference.
- Include training to help remedy prejudice and misusing people.

(edited to clarify an example)


Anonymous said...

and... it is best to start with what people are interested in. Not with a programme but with what's bugging people, what they really want to be.

Jim Habegger said...

Thank you, Sen.