Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fictional view x.02

Fictional view x.02:
The Baha'i Faith is impeding human progress by diverting some of the people who could do the most good into less beneficial activities, and even harmful ones. Many people who might otherwise be doing a lot more to help improve the world are drawn into the Baha'i Faith by its public face, and then trapped in its delusional, fruitless rat race.
Comments from any direction will be welcome.


Steve Marshall said...

The fictional view you present bundles up a whole lot of unspoken assumptions about the purpose and meaning of life. Perhaps it's an extract from a larger piece but, as it stands, it's merely a poorly-explained point of view from someone who seems a little too keen to direct and run other people's lives. But I can see why someone might say such a thing. I've been tempted to say similar things, and may even have given in on occasions.

Jim Habegger said...

Thank you!

Poorly explained, indeed. I didn't work very hard on that one. I'm imagining that some people might be feeling that way.

Extract from a larger piece, yes, a piece that I didn't try to compose. I imagine it would include some of what I wrote in the x.01.