Saturday, January 31, 2009

Jim's List (bad joke)

I've moved the original contents of this post to a comment. It was a bad joke, and I don't want it here. I'm only keeping it because I don't like people trying to cover up their mistakes and wrongdoings by deleting records.


Anonymous said...

Bad joke ? yech!

Jim Habegger said...

Yes. Bad joke.

Jim Habegger said...

Below is the original content of the post. I've removed it from the post, because I regret posting it. I'm only leaving it here because I don't like people trying to cover up their mistakes.


I've decided to create an apostate list of my own, to remedy some of the inadequacies of another one I've seen. First of all, I intend to include some people who have felt left out. Also, I won't be trying to get my list published, so I won't try to conform to academic standards, or even pretend to. I won't do any research, or even pretend to. I won't try to be accurate or fair, or even pretend to. I won't try to convince anyone that my list is useful for any good purpose. I'll just frankly do whatever I want with it. That will give me a lot more flexibility, and save me a lot of time and trouble.

I imagine that the label, the qualifications and the composition of the list will continually evolve. For now I'll call it "Jim's AO Apostate List," and to begin with it will include some members and former members of the Baha'i Faith who, in my imagination, are intensely interested in the Baha'i Community, without ever having anything good to say about what it's doing. I might possibly be able to stretch the definition of "apostate" that far, although it's entirely unnecessary for my purposes.

People who have never been members can also be on my list if they want to. It might reduce the usefulness of my list for me to include people whose interest in the Baha'i Community is not intense enough in my imagination, or people who, in my imagination, see some good in what it's doing, but if there's anyone like that who really wants to be included, I'll consider it. For example, I might include Priscilla and Eric even if they don't qualify, if they would really like to be included, because they've been nice to me. As I said, I can just frankly do whatever I want with this list.

Unfortunately one person I would like to include on my list does not like me using his/her name, and another one might feel the same way, so I'll leave them off unless and until I see them complaining about it.

Here is the list so far, sorted in aphabetical order going backwards from the last letter of the name:
1. Baquia
2. Dermod
3. Rod
4. Steve
5. Darrick
6. Brendan
7. Karen
8. Sen
9. Alison

I'm just using first names, to keep it friendly.

The number is purely coincidental. Really, I'm not kidding. It just turned out that way. I imagine that will change, anyway.

I've included Brendan because I saw him complaining about not being included in the other list. I don't know if he qualifies for my list or not, and I don't want to go to any trouble to find out. I've also left some people off who were on the other list, for the same reasons. If they want to be included, they will have to tell me. I've included some people who might see some good in what the Baha'i Community is doing, but I haven't seen that or don't remember it, I don't want to go to any trouble to search for it, it might be too embarrassing to ask them, and it might make my list too short.

If anyone wants to be removed from my list, it would be less of a disappointment for me if you could show me that you aren't much interested in the Baha'i Community any more, or that you see some good in what it's doing.